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mibenco® Liquid Rubber - Pure - 3000g

mibenco® Liquid Rubber - Pure - 3000g

CAD $165.99
 Removable liquid rubber spray - Made in Germany

mibenco® Liquid Rubber

A multifunctional, one-component rubber coating

A product which can be applied easily and quick by simply spraying it on the desired surface. The sprays can be used for crafts and DIY, model construction, the automotive sector, as well as industrial purposes.

mibenco® Liquid Rubber Shines through its huge diversity:

  • UV- and weather-resistant
  • abrasion resistant
  • permanently elastic and odorless after drying
  • easily removable
  • high opacity
  • simple application
  • resistant to gasoline, diesel, glass cleaner
  • well removable after aging

mibenco® Liquid Rubber protects, rubberizes, repairs, refaces, coats, seals, adds grip and is slip resistant. A high flexibility is reached even under extreme conditions. mibenco® Liquid Rubber doesn’t get brittle and it sticks to metal, wood, synthetic material, textile, glass, stone and others.

All colors are available in matt and glossy.

Neon mibenco Spray Colors

mibenco® Liquid Rubber Spray Neon

mibenco® liquid rubber neon brings color in your project.

These eye-catching bright colors and suitable for various applications. The sprays can be used for crafts and DIY, model construction, the automotive sector, as well as industrial purposes.

These can also be used as signal colors due to their brightness for increased visibility as well as for safety purposes. We recommend coating the surface beforehand with a layer of our white liquid rubber, that the UV-resistant neon color can unfold its full brightness.

Available in matt finish only.

Colors Available:

mibenco® Liquid Rubber Spray Metal Effect

The mibenco® metal effect sprays can be applied on top of any mibenco color to give them a glittery metallic surface. You can also use the products on its own without primary coating. However, be advised that the coated surface shines through if used without another mibenco® colour as a primer. Also available in gold, silver and copper.

No matter which technique and colour you use, the attention is yours.

mibenco® Liquid Rubber Spray Pearl Effect

With the mibenco® pearl-effect spray you can coat a pearly surface on top of any mibenco® color. Simply used as a clear varnish. The pearl-effect sprays, as well as any other mibenco® liquid rubber spray is easily removable without any problems. Get your surface shimmering like a pearl.

Available in matt finish only.

Flip Flop Chamaeleon Effects - mibenco Liquid Rubber Spray

mibenco® Liquid Rubber Spray Flip-Flop

For those who cannot decide, there is flip-flop – the chameleon effect for mibenco® colors.

By spraying the mibenco® flip-flop colors you can create unique colour effects.The results of the effect are dependent on the colour of the surface as well as different flashing angle and incidence of light.

To receive the best possible effect, we recommend a black surface or primer. The different shades of color are dependent on the spraying distance and the coat thickness.

Available in glossy finish only.

Colors Available:

mibenco® Liquid Rubber Spray Pastel

Our eight breathtaking new pastel colors are the latest addition to our mibenco® family. Like our standard colors, the pastel series is available in both a matt and glossy finish. As a new member of the mibenco® spray family, the pastel sprays take over the high quality standards and features of our other liquid rubber sprays.

If you do have a change of heart and need a new pop of color in your life – just peel it off and choose another one from our diverse color palette. It’s that easy! Our soft pastel colors adhere on a vast number of surfaces, offering endless application possibilities to get your creative juices flowing.