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Frequently Asked Questions

On which materials can I use mibenco liquid rubber?

mibenco liquid rubber sticks to almost every surface, f. e. wood, fabric, stone, plastic, lacquer, GRP, and a lot more. However, preliminary tests are always recommended to ensure compatibilty. 

How well does mibenco liquid rubber stick?

mibenco liquid rubber sticks as strong as duct tape.

How can I apply mibenco liquid rubber?

You can easily dip, paint or spray the surface with mibenco liquid rubber

How much mibenco liquid rubber do I need?

As an example, one can of mibenco liquid rubber spray is enough to coat one tire rim.

Does mibenco liquid rubber ready to spray attack the varnish of my vehicle? 

No, because mibenco liquid rubber ready to spray lies down like a second skin on your varnish and protects it against stone chipping, salt etc. However when spraying brand new cars or newly repainted cars we recommend testing your paint before any mibenco application. Test the product in a small not clearly visible spot before applying it to the entire area. Every paint job is different and uses different types and amounts of clear coats, therefore mibenco can't possible guarantee the same exact results.

How many coats should I apply? 

We recommend minimum of 5-6 coats, even if the material covers before.

How should I clean the surface before? 

We recommend our mibenco care series. Before you start coating use our mibenco pre-cleaner. Make sure the surface is free of grease, separating substances, debris and wax. 

Is mibenco liquid rubber ready to spray removable? 

Yes, mibenco liquid rubber ready to spray is removable anytime if enough coats (minimum 5-6) were applied and the surface is not absorbent. 

Does mibenco work exactly the same on every surface?

Even though mibenco behaves the same for the majority of people, there are circumstances where our liquid rubber does not behave as expected. The condition of the surface which will be coated plays a big part on how mibenco covers, peels and bonds. Although most customers have a trouble free experience, we suggest you try it on a small area before applying it to the entire surface to ensure compatibility.

Is mibenco liquid rubber ready to spray uv- and weather resistant? 

Yes, mibenco liquid rubber ready to spray is extremely resistant to cold, salt, ice & sun.