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Revolutionizing Liquid Rubber.

 mibenco® offers their customers an exciting innovation for their coating needs, whether its car tuning, model building, craft, or manufacturing, our products are sure to exceed your expectations.

mibenco® products are made in Germany entirely in-house. Previously, we only bottled and confectioned the liquid rubber, but now mibenco® has paid close attention to the demands of its customers, investing significant time and money in developing this new liquid rubber.

We offer a palette that covers more than 30 colours, in matte and now a newly developed glossy finish. Our clear gloss liquid rubber comes out crystal clear, providing for the most translucent finish available. Other products on the market have a dull appearance while mibenco® offers you a uniquely clear, high-quality look, with a variety of new application possibilities.

Our in-house development offers many advantages: mibenco®’s colored liquid rubber sprays offer significant coverage per individual coat, saving time in the application process; by even touching the processed rubber, you’ll notice a convincingly stronger grip, indicating the new and improved quality offered by our products.

Internal and external testing of the new mibenco® liquid rubber indicates that its coats, even after a period of aging, are easily removable by the user from their chosen carrier material despite its very high degree of adhesion. Further, mibenco® doesn’t only offer greater elasticity than other products on the market, it is superior in its fuel resistance, too.

Our North American based distribution is another advantage, ensuring quick and reliable availability of this highly desirable German made product. The bottom line is that the new mibenco® liquid rubber provides its customers with an optimal spray of professional quality, satisfying today’s high demands, while being available to you anytime you need it. 

We hope you'll enjoy this great leap forward with the mibenco revolution of liquid rubber.


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