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Professional and Wholesale Orders

We offer a number of great options for those who need to cover larger surfaces with our mibenco® liquid rubber products, including ready to spray in bulk, pure liquid rubber, and more!

If you need a larger quantity of our product, or have an industrial facility you'd like to supply with our vibrant paints, contact us to discuss rates, pricing, and order volume.

mibenco® liquid rubber Ready to Spray

The Ready to Spray version of our liquid rubber has the optimal mixing ratio and can be easily applied with a spray gun. A great solution for whole cars and bigger surfaces where sprays are not appropriate. It comes in 1L cans and 5L cans. 


mibenco® liquid rubber Pure

The pure liquid rubber is the un-thinned version of our ready to spray product and can be easily applied as a dip, for brushing or spraying. It is available in 175g cans and 3000g cans.

mibenco® Thinners

Our mibenco® Thinner is a thinning component/thinner, which was specifically developed to achieve the optimal consistency with mibenco® liquid rubber for your needs. It can also be used for pre-cleaning of surfaces as well as mixing our mibenco® Pure for individual desired viscosity.